Start-ups/Human Resources/ Marketing

The one-on-one individual consult is tailored to your needs as we create a game-plan to execute your goals. Topics vary and include the following: registering the business, obtaining an EIN, sales tax ID, or hiring an employee or contractor.


Bookkeeping/Financial Statements/Tax Management

Are you looking for a bookkeeper or accountant for your business? Are you confused about payroll taxes, state taxes, or federal taxes? Our team is knowledgeable in these areas and we can serve as your staff accountant to prepare your financials for tax filings.  Do you know how much revenue your business has? We can assist you with implementing a financial software system in order to review income and expenses on a monthly basis. 


Credit/Business Plans/Financial Projections

Are you wanting to start or expand your business, but lack capital? Our first step would be to analyze your credit. If you know how much you need and what you will use it for, we can then begin looking at financial projections. After confirming a healthy cash flow, a business plan can be created to present to the financial institution you choose to move forward. 

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