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We all need capital for something. Recurso Hispano customers have utilized the services for financing preparation to achieve the following:

Do I need capital to start my business?

Capital to start your business is possible. There are several ways to get capital if the following requirements are in order:

-Credit (typically 650+) In the individual appointment, we will review the client's credit history to create an action plan if there are any errors to correct in any of the three credit bureaus: Experian, Transunion, Equifax.

-Capital (you contribute 20% of what you request)

-Business plan: Here we help you develop your ideas and create a formal document. This is a requirement of the bank and we will work as a team to achieve it.

-Financial projections: According to your calculations, we see statements to present the information to the bank manager, confident that the business is profitable. The presentation includes your business plan, projections, credit reports, tax return (3 years) and information specific to your business.

I want to buy more equipment

The most important thing to expand your business is to have your accounts clear. The first thing the bank asks for is account statements. If you only have receipts, it will be a difficult goal to meet in a bind. It is best to keep accounting up to date and be ready at any time for a new opportunity. No matter the situation, in your query we create an action plan to meet your goals.

I need to improve my credit 

In the United States, we see that credit history matters a lot in order to borrow. If you do not have credit, ask your bank if they have prepaid credit cards. They ask you for an amount, typically around $300, to secure your card and give you that balance. Gradually they raise the balance and return that $300. With the use of your card, you can see changes even in the first six months! In some cases, there are agencies that report false or negative credit information. In these cases, we can assist to remove or correct the information and improve your score.

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