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Recurso Hispano (Hispanic Resources) was formed with the intention of creating solutions for the business community, with an emphasis on Spanish-speakers as well as companies who are targeting Hispanics yet do not have the resources to reach them in their native tongue.

How can Spanish-speakers take advantage of any services in the community when half of the population does not know these services are offered due to a language barrier? Of all the organizations, there is now one dedicated to the Hispanic community as well as those wanting to target that particular population in their language. It is astounding what a lack of information there is for over 300,000 Spanish-speakers in Midland-Odessa alone!

Recurso Hispano offers services for Spanish speakers and those wanting to tap into the Hispanic market. The specialty of this organization is providing business services for the benefit of entrepreneurs in their business and personal financial state. Recurso Hispano is aware of all the community organizations and if your need is personal, we can connect you to the right place. We look forward to serving you.

-Recurso Hispano