Financial management

Looking for someone to take over your accounting? Are you confused about your employee, state, or federal taxes? Our team is trained to keep your daily accounts and prepare your information for your annual tax return. 


If you do not have control over your finances, you will not have the opportunity to grow your business. When you come to an appointment to talk about accounting, we will first choose a financial platform to take control. With this platform you will have access online, at any time. The purpose of having a person to take over your accounts includes the following:

-Incorporating a central place for all the information

-Organizing income / expenses

-Reviewing financial reports

-Sending and paying taxes

Recurso Hispano's clients have been able to maintain their businesses without accumulating tax debts!

Financial Statements

Do you know how much money your business is profiting? We can implement a system for you that will report on your income / expenses each month. A very good practice is to review the company's reports and see if they have achieved the goals they set. The income statement, balance sheets, and cash flow are three of the most important reports which are imperative to review each month.

Tax Management

With the reports, we can make payments to those who are owed. When we see 'net income' it does not mean that this is the profit. We have to pay taxes to the government: local, state, federal, franchise, and payroll, etc. In your consultation you will be registered with each agency to which you are obliged to pay. We try to offer you peace of mind by minimizing concerns about the administrative part of your business.

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