How to Start – Employ and – Promote

How To Start Your Business

Legal Entity

Do you have any doubt about the differences between corporations? We all have ideas, but we need someone to advise us to take that first step. In the individual consultation, we talk about legal entities. If you would like to register locally, such as LLC, or another type of corporation, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each legal entity so that you can make an informed decision.

Registration with Government Agencies

Each company can have its EIN, federal government identification number. This number is obtained for FREE in the consultation. You will need this when opening your commercial bank account. If you plan to sell products, you must also request your taxpayer number for sales tax and use "sales tax ID" of the state.

Commercial Bank Account

You have many options to choose a financial institution, but it is imperative to separate your business income from your personal to avoid mixing funds. You must choose your bank depending on your long-term goal: credit unions, community banks, or national banks.

Registration for Tax Payments

Part of your responsibility includes paying your taxes. At the appointment we will register accounts with the municipality, county, state, federal government and other organizations to which taxes are paid. The goal of these steps is to have the correct information and avoid fines for lack of knowledge and preparation.

How to Employ or Contract


One person should not be employed from one day to the next. There are requirements according to the state and federal government. You may need to know what documents are needed to hire a person or contractor. Did you know that you have to check the availability of the person you want to use? Documents must be prepared and filed in case of audits. Forms I-9 and W-4 are the most important in order to meet the requirements of the end of the year (W-2). Apart from this, you have to register for accounts with the government to pay the unemployment tax, payroll taxes and more.


Contractors are people who use their own equipment, tools, and schedules. People who will be paid more than $ 600 in a year should be asked for the W-9 form. As a contractor's employer, form 1099-MISC must be submitted at the end of the year reporting income paid. These human resources services will help you progress and avoid fines.

Social Networks and Website

Social Networks

In the consultation we will talk about the importance of social networks to attract new customers to the website. We can create your website, Google+ account, verify your business on all networks, and give you a report with the information that is currently on the network to correct what is necessary.


In the world of technology, everything is changing. If you have a website and think that it will attract more customers, you are very wrong. Do you want someone to take care of everything related to your internet business? We make an action plan to follow the steps and achieve your goals.